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No. 163 WTCTokyo Joint Lecture - TOKYO, JAPAN - On June 18th, the 163rd joint seminar was organized in the WorldTradeCenterTokyo Building, and was co-sponsored by WTCTokyo Inc., WTC Building Co. Ltd., and WTCTokyo Club. Mr. Hirofumi Hanaoka, director general of National.

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WTCTokyo is one of the core members of WTCA (WorldTradeCenters Association). WTCTokyo was established in 1964 as the first born WTC with the purpose of promoting "World Peace, Trade and Interdependence." WTCTokyo played a central role in forming WTCA to achieve these goals.

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TokyoWorldTradeCenter Building has 40 stories above ground and three underground. In the building, there are conference rooms, exhibition areas, wedding halls, an observation platform, restaurants, and more. The observation deck, the Seaside Top.

World Trade Center, Tokyo, Japan
One of the best places to get an „overview“ of Tokyo. You can go up to the last floor (I think it is 41nd or so) by elevator (you have to pay for that) and from there you have a view in every direction. It‘s all inside, so you have to shoot through glass, but when I visited, the glass was very clean.