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Easily handle broken, rotten fenceposts and heavy clay soil with no digging or heavy equipment. The WoodPostPuller is the only tool on the market that works from the bottom-up to slide the post out of the ground on a layer of mud. Avoid the high cost of a fence company and repair your own fence.

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The WoodPostPuller is the best way to remove a fencepost with a concrete base or footing – even if the post is broken off, the wood is rotten, or the concrete is deteriorating.

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Post-Popper PostPuller – HOOVER FENCE COMPANY Slip Hook Accessory, the Post-Popper can easily pull construction stakes, galvanized fenceposts, woodPostPuller Features. Doesn't break or shred woodposts. Prevents bending of metal post during removal. One person operation.

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Removing wood or metal fenceposts by hand is slow, exhausting, labour intensive and expensive to contract out. Sawing or breaking off the post leaves the

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WoodenFencePostPuller Pop old fenceposts right out with manual postpuller With the Rhino MP-3 PostPuller the concrete pulls out pretty easy. You have one man that puts the chain around it and with the leverage behind it, it just p. Pull WoodenFencePosts Set In Conc.