V r e infection in the elderly

Infections in the Elderly
Overview • Recognizing and treating infectionsintheelderly patient can be particularly challenging because symptoms are often quite subtle and atypical in older adults. • In this session, the emergency medicine resident will learn how to: Overview • Recognize common atypical presentations of various.

Risk Factors for Infection in the Elderly - The Second Fifty Years...
The range of infections that present serious risks for theelderly is great and includes the following: respiratory infections including pneumonia,17 influenza,47 and tuberculosis;18 bacteremia;18 and nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections.47 Other types of infections also have been cited as.

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Infections have plagued humans since the beginning of recorded history. Huge segments of the human population were episodically wiped out by epidemic infectious diseases in past centuries. Infection was and is often the final cause of mortality inthe debilitated elderly.

Infection in the Elderly
Common infections seen intheelderly are infections of skin and soft tissue, urinary tract, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal tract. Organized and well-funded programs to address infectious disease issues intheelderly are the only way to improve care.