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Overfitting - Wikipedia
Overfitting and underfitting can occur in machinelearning, in particular. In machinelearning, the phenomena are sometimes called "overtraining" and "undertraining". The possibility of overfitting.

What is underfitting and overfitting in machine learning and how to...
Applying machinelearning model on data-sets directly, will not predict our accuracy as we expected and it may be full of overfitting or underfitting representation on our training data.

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Underfitting: A statistical model or a machinelearning algorithm is said to have underfitting when it cannot capture the underlying trend of the data. (It’s just like trying to fit undersized pants!)

Machine Learning Part 5: Underfitting and Overfitting Problems
Here we are again, in the fifth post of MachineLearning tutorial series. Today I will talk about two common problems you may face in MachineLearning: Underfitting and Overfitting.