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Plenty of celebrities have been on the wrong end of a costly divorce settlement, including Paul McCartney, Madonna, Tiger

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"The more time a lawyer works on the divorce, the more costly it becomes," says Sari Friedman, a Long Island divorce attorney.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

One of the most common is how much their divorce will cost. The costs will vary, depending on such factors as whether or not you and your spouse agree on the major issues...

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What Does a Divorce Attorney Cost? Most divorce attorneys in Florida bill hourly for their work. The hourly rate for divorce lawyers is anywhere between $175 and $500 per hour...

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Click ahead for a look at some of the costliest -- and cheapest -- states to divorce. This article was originally published on GOBankingRates. More from GOBankingRates

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The Cost of Divorce: Unfortunately, divorce can take longer and cost more money than ever previously imaginable.

How much does it cost to divorce in Washington?

Most uncontested divorces cost each spouse several thousand dollars before a final agreement is reached. What is the most affordable way to divorce in Washington State?

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Unfortunately, there are so many variables in a divorce that it is difficult to assess all of the fees that you will incur prior to the filing of your action.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

It is difficult to predict how much a divorce will cost. The good news is, not much if you take the appropriate steps needed during the divorce process.

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You must first understand that it will cost you money to get divorced. It may cost you a lot of money if you let things get out of control. How much does a divorce cost.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Washington State?

For example, most divorce lawyers in the Puget Sound area charge between $250 and $350 per hour, which might make divorces in the Puget Sound slightly more costly than the national average.

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Low Cost, Cheap Divorce Lawyers. Divorce lawyers can be expensive and since both parties need a lawyer costs can escalate quickly. In many divorce cases, where the parties are in agreement, you...

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Guided by trained and unbiased attorney/mediators, divorce mediation is a less costly, more amicable approach to divorce or separation. There is a better way to divorce...

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This takes a minimum of 2 years or more. Let me explain why. How Divorce in PA Works, and Why It's So Costly.

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Back in 1995, Michael Douglas divorced his first wife Diandra after 18 years of marriage. She walked away with $45 Million, one of the most expensive divorces at the time.

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Because divorces can range from very simple legal matters to very complex ones, it's impossible to provide a universal answer to the question, "How much does a divorce cost?"

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The laws of the State of Nevada have in place a form of divorce called a Summary Proceeding for Divorce, or more commonly, a Joint Petition.

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Particularly if you're embarking on an uncontested divorce, a mediated divorce can be a much less costly option that a litigated divorce.

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Children of divorce are frequently confused by this and it will most likely infuriate your soon-to-be ex.

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Experts say anecdotal evidence suggests an improving economy and long-running bull market in U.S. stocks are making the costs of getting divorced look more manageable to many couples who might...

The world's most expensive divorce settlements

Without a prenuptial agreement, some high net worth individuals have found divorce to be a costly endeavor.

Financial Survival of a Divorce: The 9 Most Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Beware, however, that this is usually the most costly, stressful and contentious divorce process. Legal battles can drag out for years, children often suffer significant emotional stress...

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1. Contested or Uncontested - Put simply, this is likely the largest factor in determining how costly a divorce will be.

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The cost of divorce in this narrow sense is usually quite modest. It is legally distinct from the two following issues.

Most Expensive Divorces

Most Hollywood divorces have drawn huge audiences because people always enjoy watching a slow-motion train wreck, however, when it comes to the most costly celebrity splits, it may be the...

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Click through to see how much it costs to get a divorce in your state, starting with the most expensive states.

How Much Will My Divorce Cost? - Chicago Divorce Attorney

Chicago divorce attorney Jeffrey Esser discusses how much uncontested and contested divorces generally cost in the Chicago, Illinois area.

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Most divorces cost a lot because spouses end up in court, which requires tremendous preparation. Reduce the costs by limiting the number of issues you and your spouse disagree on.

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However, Robyn did not easily leave her husband as her divorce settlement with husband turned out to be one of the most costly celebrity split.

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A low cost online divorce can now be personally handled by a fully qualified solicitor at a price previously unequalled by other solicitors or referral agencies. The process could not be more simple...

Divorce is Costly for Women

It shows that economic pressure forced many divorced women into the job market. This created large jumps in their personal income at first...

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Compare that with a more conventional divorce, which involves each partner retaining their own lawyer (in Chicago, where I live, it's about $5,000 upfront to get a divorce lawyer...

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Divorce mediation can be significantly less costly, both financially and emotionally, than litigation. The adherence rate to mediated agreements is much higher than that of adherence to court orders.[45]...

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However, if both spouses cannot come to an agreement, the divorce process will take much longer and be more costly.

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Juanita Jordan could possibly "get more than $150 million in a settlement, making the Jordan divorce the most expensive in entertainment history," Forbes said.

Cost of a Divorce in Massachusetts

Divorce cases that cost over $10,000 generally involve contested cases of custody, alimony, and property division. The more you own, the more costly it is to protect and divide your assets.

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Answered Apr 7, 2017 · Author has 615 answers and 1.8m answer views. How much does divorce cost in WI?

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This is usually because disputed points will have to be resolved in mediation or court, which again can contribute to longer and costlier divorce cases.

2018 Average Cost of a Divorce (with Price Factors)

In most states, family law judges assigned to contested divorce cases require that couples do everything possible to reach a settlement agreement to avoid a trial, which is costly for the divorcing...

Divorce more costly for Australian women

New research shows divorces are more costly for Australian women than for men, and for longer periods, too.

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Potential Costly Divorce Mistakes. Divorce is a stressful and expensive process that many married couples experience.

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This also makes your divorce less costly. Most estimates suggest that a collaborative divorce costs between 20% and 40% less than a litigated divorce, depending on how cooperative both...

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Costly Divorce Mistakes. Posted on May 25, 2015 5:01pm PDT. A divorce is one of the most impactful life events that can occur.

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To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs. Boomer divorce: A costly retirement roadblock.

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If you have children and are getting a divorce, you also need to take a Parent Information Program Class, which will cost $50.00 per person to

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The total can cost up to $20,000 and much more. Divorce With Dignity helps you avoid stress and financial burden of divorce by providing a faster, cost-effective solution.

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Our online divorce services are designed to help anyone obtain a simple, uncontested or no fault divorce in their state, county or district.

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choose a divorce solicitor who you are most comfortable working with on your divorce as well as one whose

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And sometimes the most costly issues to figure out are those that have nothing to do with money: where should our children live, and

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Unlike other low cost divorce and family law providers and clinics, Affordable Divorce Center is an actual law firm

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Uncontested divorces are generally faster and more efficient in terms of less stress and cost; whereas contested divorce is generally longer and more costly.