Marquetry and parquetry

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As nouns the difference between parquetry and marquetry. is that parquetry is the technique of applying wooden tiles or veneers to create a decorative geometrical pattern on floors.

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The Marquetry Society is the acknowledged authority on all matters marquetry. Visit our web site and enjoy the benefits to be gained from our vast experience in the art and craft of marquetry.

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Parquetry. Parquetry is very is very similar to Marquetry in the former of pieces of veneer, simple repeating geometric shapes, forming tiling patterns that covers the entire floor.

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What are marquetryandparquetry? Marquetryandparquetry are decorative techniques in woodwork that are used to create flat ornamental designs in furniture, objects and architecural.

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Marquetry is similar to parquetry but instead of geometric shapes, it comprises of natural flowing forms of flora such as flowers, branches, leaves, landscapes and also figures.