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Find great deals on eBay for Lego Chess in LEGO Castle Sets.
This LEGOset is one of LEGO's older pieces and you can only find it for high prices with a complete set like this one. It runs for about $200 new with

LEGO Pirates Chess Set #40158 - Chess Sets for Sale
Its a pirate-themed LEGO Pirates ChessSet! Arrr, there be a Pirates ChessSet off the port bow! Build the fun beach-themed board, assemble the 32 colorful, brick-built playing pieces, and start learning this classic strategy game with your friends and family! This fun set includes pirates and Bluecoats.

lego giant chess set for sale – Telegraph
This is a chessset that might make me want to learn how to play this mind game!852293 LEGO Castle Giant ChessSet is a Castle (2007) set released in 2008.