Invented the ironing board

Who invented the ironing board?
About the same time, several ironingboards started appearing on the market but there is some controversy over who actually inventedtheironingboard. In 1858 W. Vandenburg patented what he called theironing table and about three years later Isaac Ronnie Bord of Georgetown, Delaware.

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Theironingboard that Boone designed and invented had a number of useful features: Those who had seen the patent can see that the design had a curved and narrow design. It was also reversible. And that made it simpler for a person to press the front and back sides of the sleeves of the clothes.

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TheIroningBoard, Where Would We Be Without It? Most people today take ironingboards for granted as an essential piece of household equipment. But next time you are pressing a shirt, it's worth remembering that theironingboard is a relatively new invention.

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Although many of us might like to consider ourselves diligent when it comes to keeping everything clean and tidy around the home, the reality is that the majority of those of us who’ve got used to everyday domestic tools such as ironingboards would be lost without them.