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Exoticpetlaws vary widely from state to state and fall into four major categories. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to

Laws on Exotic Pets for Each U.S. State - Indiana Exotic Pet Laws
IndianaExoticPetLaws. No monkey laws exist in this state, but you do need a permit for possessing wild animals. These are separated into Class I

Exotic Animals and the Law: What are Indiana’s laws? - Avian Exotic
Each state regulates pet ownership of exotic animals. Indiana’s laws are relatively lenient, considering some states even ban ownership of pets such as

Exotic Pets Invade United States Ecosystems - Indiana Law Journal
Indianalaw journal. [Vol. 81:713. Florida is not the only part ofthe United States with invasive species problems.

Exotic animals, exotic pets
Indiana has some of the most relaxed permit laws when it comes to owning exotic animals. Hoosiers can own just about anything, from bears and big

California also has strict exotic pet laws, which include ferrets, sugar...
A summary of exoticpetlaws and discussion on which states prohibit the private possession of specific exotic animal species, including monkeys

Exotic Animal Laws by State - FindLaw - Indiana
FindLaw's state-by-state guide of laws that prohibit and/or regulate the ownership of certain exotic animals.

Exotic Pet Laws - Animal Legal & Historical Center
Overview of ExoticPetLaws Matthew G. Liebman (2004). Over the last decade there has been a rapid increase in private possession of captive wildlife, or so-called exoticpets, and a corollary increase in exoticpet-related incidents such as maulings, disease outbreaks, and animal abuse.

Kansas Exotic Animal Pet Laws -
Kansas has exotic animal petlaws in place to protect these exoticpets, the local ecosystem and the society in which the pet exists.

West Virginia This state has recently passed exotic pet laws that most...
IndianaIndiana is a state that used to ban animals like large carnivores until 2015, when that law was reversed, and it has possibly re-reversed again.

Rare and Unique: 10 Exotic Pets and Where They Are Legal to Own
These ten exoticpets are legal to own in many places in America, some of them just require a license. These odd animals can truly make a great pet

Indiana Exotic Animal Regulations —
The following is an excerpt of Indiana’s exotic animal regulations.

State Laws Regarding the Private Possession of Exotic Cats
StateLaws for Keeping Exotic Cats. 2018 Stats: 4 states have no laws on keeping dangerous wild

30 Exotic Low Maintenance Cool Pets That Are Legal To Own
If you ever thought owning some exoticpets would be a colossal nightmare in care and possession, you would be surprised to know that the animals mentioned below are actually being kept as

Exotic Pets For Sale in Indiana - Hoobly Classifieds
Indiana / ExoticPets. Areas Filter. Everywhere United StatesIndiana 29 Gary 17 Indianapolis 6 Fort Wayne 4 West Lafayette 3 South Bend 2 North Terre Haute 1 Brazil more.

Exotic pet laws in B.C.
Exotic animal laws and restrictions. The BC SPCA is very concerned about the welfare of all exotic animals in captivity, though there are

Zoo'Opolis Exotic Petting Zoo – Columbus, Indiana
Zoo’Opolis ExoticPetting World is an Educational, Hands On, Interactive Zoo!

State Lists - Indiana helps you fight for the freedom to own and breed pets. Learn how to oppose organizations like HSUS and PETA as they try to remove our rights.

In Indiana, the DNR requires a permit to possess a purebred or hybrid exotic animal as a pet. The laws governing the wild animal possession permit issued by the DNR can be found in Indiana Code 14-22-26 and Indiana Administrative Code at 312 IAC 9-11.

25 Exotic Animals You Could Legally Own
From freshwater stingrays to wallaroos, if you want to know what exoticpets are for sale, check out these 25 Exotic Animals You Could Legally Own.

Wild & Dangerous: The World of Exotic Pets: Exotic Pets Laws in...
Watch Full Episode. ExoticPetsLaws in Canada.

Fennec Fox Pet Legal States - Fennec Fox Pet... - Mr Fennec Fox
Fennec fox pet ownership laws vary widely from country to country and state to state. And you are probably curious about can i have Fennec fox as a pet? In the US, make sure to check with your state wildlife division as well as your city and county before trying to purchase a fennec fox pet.

How much does an exotic pet license cost in indiana and where do...
The Indianaexoticpet license costs $10. It can be obtained from local business certification departments.

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Exotic Pet Laws – Laws on Exotic Pets - HealthGuidance
However the downside is that an exoticpet is a lot more difficult to keep in some ways. This is firstly because you are now dealing with an animal that has very little in the way of support – it’s quite likely that your local pet store won’t stock their food, and it will be harder to come across relevant.

Local Laws Regarding Pets - City of Bloomington, Indiana
Dogs and cats that have bitten humans are required by statelaw to be quarantined for 10 days from the date

Tiny Tracks- Auburn, IN 46706
The LAW clearly states that you are NOT ALLOWED to take animals out of the wild. To legally obtain an animal you. must purchase it from a.

The Exotic Animals You Can Legally Have as Pets in the US
Some states have extremely strict laws on exotic animals, including ones you might not think of as all that exotic.

Minnesota laws on exotic pet owners and wild animals
The MN Regulated Animal law prohibits ownership of exotic cats, bears and non-human primates and any hybrid of the above and domestic animal.

Exoticpets like rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, birds, fish, hedgehogs, and guinea pigs have special care needs and Chicago Exotics specializes in meeting those needs.

Fennec Laws - - Indiana
Exoticpet ownership laws vary widely from country to country and state to state. In the US, please check with your state wildlife division as well as your city and county before trying to purchase a fennec fox. Some states may require you to have a USDA license in order to own or breed fennecs.

Exotic Animal Rescue and Pet Sanctuary (EARPS, Inc.)
About EARPS, Inc. Exotic Animal Rescue and Pet Sanctuary (EARPS) is a central Indiana 501C(3) non-profit animal rescue group made up of volunteers

Exotic pets - ESL Resources - LAWS
An exoticpet "is a rare or unusual animal pet, or an animal kept as a pet which is not commonly thought of as a pet. Many major pet stores and

Wisconsin one of five states where ‘dangerous’ exotic animals can be...
Wisconsin’s lax laws when it comes to exoticpet ownership make it a draw for smugglers, advocates of more strict regulation say. Debbie Leahy, manager of captive wildlife protection at the Humane Society of the United States, said that it is easier for someone in Wisconsin to own a dangerous.

What Are Exotic Pet Laws? (with pictures)
Exoticpetlaws are laws that are related to the types of pets that a person can keep.

Costs of Owning a Pet Tiger
What states allow tigers as pets? Do I need to have a permit to have a pet tiger?

Here's Why Exotic Animals Belong in the Wild, Not as 'Pets' in Our...
Some exotic animals are sold in pet stores: Bearded dragons, Green iguanas, and Macaws, just to name a few. Other exotic animals are sold through the

Indiana Rental Laws - Pet Deposits and Additional Fees: No Statute
A summary of Indiana Landlord-Tenant laws on Rent, Security Deposits, and Leases for residential rental units.

Indiana Pet Burial Laws - Animals -
IndianaPet Burial Laws. By Lee Parker - Updated September 26, 2017. It's difficult to say goodbye when a beloved pet passes away.

What are the laws regarding exotic pets in New Zealand?
Some exoticpets are allowed, most commonly these are lizards, turtles, fish, birds and exotic farm animals like Llamas/buffalo.

5 Expensive Exotic Pets You Can Legally Own - Investopedia
Exoticpets can be fascinating to look at, but most are expensive to acquire and maintain.

General laws about exotic pets
Though some states permit exoticpets, you could find yourself breaking the law if you own any of these pets.

Your place to find the rare exotic pets and their supplies.
Rare ExoticPets. Animals. Broad variety of snakes, lizards, amphibians, and invertebrates.

10 Dangerous Exotic Pets -
Most countries have laws against them.? In most places around the globe it is illegal to capture, breed, or sell them.? Yet world wide there is a fascination with owning wild, bizarre

Owning these exotic pets is illegal in NYC - am New York
Here are nine pets that are illegal in the five boroughs, according to the NYC Department of Health.

Exotic Pets: Bad For Animals, Bad For Humans - Care2 Causes
In Ohio specifically, exoticpetlaws are being dragged into what is already a complicated animal welfare compromise being given lip service by both

Exotic animals for Sale in USA, Europe -
Buy and sell Exotic animals to buy on Animals Sale.

Exotic Pet Laws
ExoticPetLaws. Today more and more people are choosing exotic animals as their house pets.

10 Cutest & Most Cuddly Exotic Pets
Exoticpets are attractive because they are different and wild and can be extremely cute & cuddly, like the ones of these exoticpets photos.

Exotic Pet Care for Chinchillas, Hedgehogs and Reptiles in Muncie...
Muncie, Yorktown, Anderson, IndianaPet Care, Pet Sitting, Farm/Livestock Care and Cat Sitting.

Kentucky and Indiana Have Very Different Laws on Wild Animals
Kentucky and Indiana may be neighbors, but the state line marks the divide when it comes to who can have a wild animal as a pet and who can’t.

The Begining: Inform yoursef - The Pet Fox Blog - INDIANA
Pet foxes are allowed In the state of Indiana, foxes are hardly regulated. It’s almost like owning a dog in that respect.

Broward Avian And Exotic - Veterinarian In Deerfield Beach, FL USA...
Pet Emergency? Read no further and call us right away! If you live in Deerfield Beach or the surrounding area in FL, then you have picked the

Orange County, California - OC Pet Laws
OC PetLaws. Field Services - Animal Laws in Orange County. The following summarized provisions of the Orange County Codified Ordinance

The Elephant in the Living Room: An Inside Look at Exotic Pet...
Exotic animal laws vary from state to state. Some states require permits for ownership, some restrict it entirely, and some have no laws at all. Tim Harrison and the documentary director, Michael Webber, hope this film will bring to light the reality of exoticpet ownership in this country and as a result.

Exotic Pets can Seriously Damage your Health - Hedgehogs as Pets
Exoticpets and exotic diseases. Photo by michelleness via Flickr.

5 Reasons Exotic Animals Make Bad Pets
1. Exoticpets are wild. They do not adjust well to a captive environment. They require special care, housing, diet, and maintenance that the

Exotic Pets Are Dangerous to Health - Loose laws
The ownership of exoticpets poses a danger to human health, advocates say, and the recent incident in Zanesville, Ohio, highlights the need for strict laws to ban

How do I obtain an exotic pet license in Lees S - Q&A - Avvo
I am thinking about getting an exoticpet and in my county you have to get a license. I have been searching on how to go about getting.

Exotic Information
Exotic species are animals living outside captivity that did not historically occur in Florida. Most are introduced species, meaning they have been brought to Florida by humans. A few of Florida's exotics arrived by natural range expansions, like cattle egrets which are native to Africa and Asia but flew.

Questions and Answers about Wild and Exotic Animals as Pets : The...
Exoticpets escaped or released into the wild animals also can bring diseases to which farm animals or native wildlife have no immunity, such as

Other Animals and Exotic Pets - Atlanta Humane Society
Most counties have leash laws which state that you must confine your dog to your property and that any time it is off of your property it must be on a leash and under

Orange County Humane Society - Pet Adoption In Huntington Beach...
Animal Laws in Orange County courtesy of Animal Care Services of Orange County.

Turns out, you can own some exotic pets in Canada... : theCHIVE
If you ever wanted to own a pet that no one else has, Canada's the place to do it, as our laws aren't as strict.

Exotic Animal Dealer specializing in exotic pets - World Exotics Inc.
We supply zoos, pet stores, dealers, and the public with exoticpets for sale. Your home for special pets.

Wallaby and Wallaroo Care - Chapter 2 - What to Know Before You Buy
Overview of StateExotic Animal Laws: At the time of this writing, late in 2013, the following information regarding statelaw in the United States was accurate.

Home - Exotic Pet Vets
We love all pets and love keeping them happy and healthy!

Pender Vet Exotic Animal Hospital & Boarding • Fairfax, VA
Birds, reptiles, and small mammals are all brought to Pender Vet Exotic Animal Hospital to receive the best in exotic veterinary care and boarding.

Exotic Pet Names - For Dogs & Other Animals
Some great exotic name ideas for your new pet!

Exotic animal hospital specializing in the treatment of reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, birds, etc.

People Are Breeding Tigers And Selling Them As 'Pets' Online
"People are purchasing 'pet' monkeys, tigers, wolves, snakes, and more with one quick click."

Facts about the Exotic Pet Trade - Fatal Attractions - Animal Planet
Owning an exoticpet comes with some real health implications, too. According to the HSUS, all reptiles and amphibians carry salmonella, and more than

Indiana Bird Rescue Groups
EARPS Exotic AnimaI Rescue and Pet Sanctuary is a non-for-profit rescue group made up of voIunteers who are improving the quaIity of Iife

Super Friendly asian small clawed otters for sale - Exotic Pets
we have a male and female asian small clawed otters available for their new forever home. Our babies are super friendly and playful with kids and other home pets. They are vet checked and DNA tested confirmed, they will come to you with all their necessary requirements, and they will make a perfect.

Small Exotic Pets - LoveToKnow
The trade in small exoticpets is thriving despite the restrictions often involved in owning one.

Top 10 Exotic Pets To Own - All Pet News - Check the laws!
But which exoticpet is best for you? When it comes to exoticpets, or pets in general, you want to factor in a few things, including

Texas Exotic Animals - Breeders of Unusual Pets
Texas Exotic Animals is a small local exotic animal breeder in Franklin County in Northeast Texas. My name is Pam and I specialize in breeding unusual

Exotic Pet Trade
ExoticPet Trade. ExoticPets As with other parts of the world, exoticpets remain popular in the United States.

16 of the World's Most Sought After Exotic Pets - The Pets Central
There are many exoticpets that are legal to purchase [some even require special licensing] under the correct circumstances, ranging in price from

Should We Have Wild & Exotic Pets? - Here There Everywhere
In many cases there are no laws against owning these kinds of animals. And it’s not as hard as it used to be to buy exoticpets thanks to the Internet.

Is it legal to sell exotic animals such as monkeys or tigers as pets in...
State/Territory agencies responsible for exotic animals: ACT NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC WA. Can exotic animals be kept as pets in Australia?

Exotic Pet Care in Elmwood Park - Midwest Bird & Exotic Animal...
Exoticpets are fascinating animals that can enrich our lives and broaden our understanding of the animal kingdom and the world we live in. To properly care for exotic animals we need a thorough understanding of natural behavior, environment, and diet.

Northwest Exotic Pet Vet Home
Northwest ExoticPet Vet, LLC is a full service exoticpet practice. We offer personalized, high quality, compassionate care exclusively for ferrets, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, sugar gliders, and other exoticpets.

Zoo Keeper Exotic Pets - Free Fun in Austin
Zoo Keeper ExoticPets is not a typical dog, bird, and hamster pet store, but it is the perfect place for a child who loves creepy-crawlies. It’s filled to the brim

Exotic Vet Care - Veterinary Care for Birds and Exotic Pets
Exotic Vet Care - South Carolina's premiere bird and exotic specialty veterinary practice.

Exotic Pet Life Reviews - Online Shopping Exotic Pet Life Reviews on...
Read ExoticPet Life Reviews and Customer Ratings on phone case with ribbon, exoticpet dogs, leather texture phone case huawei, c5 lip Reviews, Cellphones & Telecommunications Reviews and more at

Exotic pet store michigan
Exoticpet store michigan. Her family is still in the pet business today! Acrylic custom aquariums, tropical fish tanks, furniture, lighting, and supplies

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