Hipsters on food stamps

Hipsters on food stamps
Hipsters – college-educated, creative, often unemployed 20-somethings – are cashing in on the government's recently relaxed eligibility rules for foodstamps, says Salon.com.

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1. Did Hipster Gerry get his money’s worth from the University of Chicago, either $100k in future income or knowledge? No. 2. Did society get their money’s worth in sending him, i.e. by permitting/facilitating the diversion of his intellect into whatever it was he majored in?

Resenting Hipsters
Calling someone a “hipster” is a license to spew all kinds of demented hate. Since the term carries connotations of slackers and trust funds, the image of “hipstersonfoodstamps” is designed to provoke the conclusion that someone is lazily taking advantage of the system.