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The FLEX System by BrightLineBags is a set of modular gear bag components to build custom Flight Bags, Range Bags, Computer Bags, Carryon Bags, etc.

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Brightline B7 "Flight" Pilot Flight Bag. Mix and match the included pieces and parts to build four different bags to match your every need. Four bags for the price of one - what's not to love?

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BrightLineBags was founded in 2008 as a result of the need to create a different style of Pilot Flight Bag. BrightLineBags and their FLEX system bag design offer the highest level of versatility to both.

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BrightLineBags makes a modular Utility Bag system for Field Professionals called the FLEX System. FLEX was created as an extension of the original BrightLineBag in response to two years of.

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Brightline's pilot flight bags incorporate their proprietary BRIGHTLINE FLEX System which keeps charts, pens, flashlights, and other tools within easy reach.

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This bag offers more storage, more organization and more clever functionality than any flight bag ever built. Two main compartments and 25 specialized pockets to hold everything you need to carry every.