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Basketball (78) BasketballMovie (38) Coach (24) African American (20) Independent Film (19) High School (17) Sports Team (17) Athlete (16) BasketballPlayer (15) Character Name In Title (15) College (15) Father Son Relationship (12) Basketball Team (11) Teenager (10) Basketball Coach (9).

Best Basketball Movies - List of Great Basketball Films
There are the top, best movies about basketball. A portion of them are based on true stories. Basketball is one of the few sports to have been invented in North America

20 Best Basketball Movies of All Time from Teen Wolf to Space Jam
But the movies know that basketball rarely achieves this utopian vision—at least until players learn to become a team. Like most sports depicted on the big screen, basketball dribbles to its own familiar beats, narrative arcs, and shot-sinking fourth quarters. It relies on culture-changing head coaches.

The Top 10 (fictional) Basketball Players in Movies - TBA
Hands down best quote from any basketballplayer ever, fictional or real. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that his scenes playingbasketball are so funny that they make up for how terrible he is. “Rain dance!”