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Sign Language Australia - Auslan Workshops with Barry
All SignLanguage Australia (SLA) teaching staff are Deaf, with a lifetime of experience in the Deaf Culture, Community and authentic Australian SignLanguage (Auslan) knowledge. We offer both language and cultural training programs for Deaf and hearing individuals, families and community or.

Auslan: Australian Sign Language
Auslan is descended from old British SignLanguage (BSL) in Britain as well as it had some of its influences from Irish SignLanguage. Auslan was developed and evolved from these languages during the 19th century in residential schools for the deaf and Deaf community in Australia.

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Auslan (Australian SignLanguage) is a beautiful language. Well, all signedlanguages are beautiful to me, but this one holds a special place in my heart. When I was 12 years old, I was blessed enough to be able to visit Australia for 16 days.

Australian Sign Language Translator (Auslan) ― LingoJam
Generates Australian signlanguage images from text. This translator converts text into fingerspelling (and numbers) only. It essentially translates the regular alphabet into the Auslan "hand alphabet" or "finger alphabet", which is a manual alphabet that is two-handed.

Auslan Australian Sign Language from baby sign to fluent signing
More about Auslan verse other SignLanguages. In Australia we use AUSLAN, AUstralian SignLANguage. AUSLAN differs to the signlanguage