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Burning incensesticksis a daily ritual for most of us. It is part of our life. The pleasant fragrance that comes from those burning sticks seems to lift your

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Incenseis also harmful to your dog; they have more sensitive noses and smaller lungs, so the effect is more powerful. Incense smoke can even be more dangerous than cigarette smoke. Instead of incense, try non-toxic alternatives to adding fragrance to a space, like an aromatherapy diffuser or house plant.

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Burning incenseis a source of indoor air pollutants that may cause inflammation in human lung cells, a study led by researchers at University of North Carolina found. In the past, research linked incense smoke with numerous health issues, includi.

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However, only four incensesticks and one cigarette were tested, so we have to be cautious about these results. But incense isn't smoked and so is

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Sandalwood IncenseSticks: Incense containing sandalwood is as harmful as regular incensesticks. They contain the same cell-damaging substances which cause genetic mutations.13. Herbal IncenseSticks: There is a market that sells “herbal incense” meant for smoking.

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Is burning incenseharmful? Most incense contains toxic ingredients that are not labelled. In addition, the smoke from the incense ingredients and the burning of any stick that they are attached to, crea…te smoke that is a form of air pollution.